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Please DO NOT post pics/address to the Ackles new home 


from what I heard it is their new home. not 100% sure. but even so please have respect for them and their privacy. there’s already enough crazies out there. they don’t need stalkers or for their home to be publicized.

I will not give the source of the pics/address or even tell you where their new home is located. sorry I respect their privacy. unless they announce themselves, then I stand by this.


Ackles Alphabet
O is for Outside


'Bonjour, I have arrived…' [x]

I read yesterday your post about J2 shippers who go over the line and couldn't agree more with you. Then again I think people who ship Jensen & Misha are not any better. I have to wonder why does it happen? Why can't it be possible that Jensen just is that kind of a person, that if he gets to know you, that's how he is. Why does it necessarily have to be romantic? II'll never understand that about this fandom. And you should always be able to express your thoughts and not get hate for it. :)





I will say I know it’s not ALL shippers and I merely meant that comment to the shippers it applies to (which in the post was obvious who i was talking abt bc of anon’s Q). 

Shipping is still such a weird concept to me.. I don’t get it. But hey man, people can ship whatever they want… I think you just gotta be a bit more cautious and careful when you’re shipping real people. Because these real people have real lives and real relationships and might get really offended if/when they find out. Especially in cases like J2 and Cockles (which I’m sure they’re all aware of by now). J2M don’t seem to care, but someone else might.. like their wives or children or parents, for example. Because essentially you’re acknowledging this real person with a real life and saying, “but I’m going to fictionalize it and make you in love with your best friend just for my own pleasure” which is kind of odd to me… 

I don’t get it! But hey, as long as they’re respectful about it and know where to draw the line and know NOT to shove it in the real people’s faces, I say live and let live :) xx

I love Jensen Ackles, I really do. But he’s blessed and cursed with male model looks and what appears to be the ability to connect with others in a PERSONAL way.  Dean’s character is the one people gravitate to. Some of that, I think, is Jensen and how well he clicks with others. Jensen says it’s because Dean is lonely or something. But Jensen has chemistry with a rock.  Whether it’s acting chemistry, romantic chemistry, or something else.  It’s part of what makes him a good actor. He truly LISTENS to others and responds intently.  You combine that with his looks and voila - insta-shipping.  But I don’t know how well we actually KNOW Jensen Ackles.  He married an actress who is simultaneously has a Texan sensibility, a quick wit, and great sense of humor, and modeled for Maxim (to me, that means she’s got guts… but I could be projecting). The little picture of him on the beach with JJ (that someone snagged from the home-sale) is a private picture of a very doting Dad. He’s an avid fisherman, golfer, and singer. He’s both shy at conventions and outlandish.He appears to adore his friends Jared and Misha and actively engages with them at convention events. He kisses Rob Benedict on the head when singing with him. 

My point: seems to me he’s both sincere and complicated. I think reading anything into any relationship other than the one he’s officially in (with his wife, who he appears to seriously adore), is presuming we know more about the man than we actually do. 

I love everything you just said and I want it tattoo’d all over my body 



Jensen’s first week on twitter.


don’t stop…